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ManaVision is a video and multimedia company founded in 1991. We have grown into the Ohio Valley’s premiere video and multimedia company. Our team shares a passion for translating a great idea into an engaging, intelligent and innovative user experience. We create HD/4K video productions, motion graphics, 3D animation, and just about anything else that takes advantage of digital technology. Our project team plans, brainstorms, and experiments in order to create a product that is well designed and functional. Our studio contains the latest equipment and software. But more importantly, it contains the oldest and truest of all artistic tools; pencils, paper and a handful of creative minds and artistic talent. Like any art form, video production requires imagination, taste and inspiration.
We work with client-supplied materials and existing elements of a brand’s identity as well as create our own assets through video, animation, illustration and graphic design.
You have a story. We know how to tell it.

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